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April 2012

Start-up Uses Freezing Balloon to Treat Pre-Cancerous Esophagus

Redwood City-based C2Therapeutics is hoping to kill diseased tissue in people’s esophaguses before it becomes one of the most deadly cancers of the human body.  For the 40 million Americans with acid reflux disease, treatment is often over the counter medication or a simple change in diet. However, one in five with acid reflux will likely develop Barrett’s Esophagus, a pre-cancerous condition that makes patients 30 to 125 times more likely to develop cancer of the esophagus.  See Complete Story.

February 2012

Preclinical Testing Complete

The CryoBalloon device enables circumferential mucosal ablation in a 1-step process by using a novel, through-the-scope balloon. The maximal effect on the mucosa is achieved with a 12-second application time. Because of its ease of use, this new device merits further study so that we can find its possible role in the treatment of Barrett’s esophagus.

Read the full abstract here.