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Operation is intuitive, fast, and

The C2 CryoBalloon® Focal Ablation System sets a new standard for simplicity in cryoablation. The device is a through-the-scope, highly compliant balloon catheter that is simultaneously inflated and cooled by an inert refrigerant delivered from a small disposable handheld unit.

The balloon conforms to the shape of the esophageal lumen without exerting excessive tension on the esophageal wall.

The cryo spray delivers a precise focal application.

Operation is intuitive, fast, and cost-effective. The C2 CryoBalloon® Focal Ablation System eliminates the need for precise sizing, multiple deployment steps, and large controller units.

Clinical Videos

Bas Weusten, MD, PhD. Professor of Innovative Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Dirk Schölvink, MD Research Fellow St. Antonius Hospital

Author Shai Friedland discusses his paper, “A novel device for ablation of abnormal esophageal mucosa,” with Associate Editor Robert Enns.